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Review: Scary or Die

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Scary or Die isn’t a title of many options. As far as I see it, it’s either scary, or we the innocent viewers die. After enduring it for 94 minutes, I’m assuming that I’m typing to you from beyond the grave. Scary or Die is an outright boring affair, with one vaguely entertaining scene and three vaguely gruesome scenes. Combined it’s not-bad points amount to less than two minutes in total.

Scary or Die is a Horror anthology of five short films, none of which are original. The segment The Crossing is a lesson in why racism is a bad idea. Taejung’s Lament is about a slightly creepy man looking for love in all the wrong places. Re-Membered could have used being re-thought out. In Clowned, a drug dealer learns that getting bitten by a clown isn’t funny. And finally, Lover Come Back teaches us that cheating on our partners can yield unfortunate consequences.

Often the sound is muffled and the characters are incomprehensible. The acting is sub-par at best — although I’m not sure it would matter since the characters aren’t likeable anyway (in some cases the main character is the antagonist!). The writing (courtesy of Bob Badway and Michael Emanuel) isn’t half good and the direction (hat tip to Badway, Emanuel, and Igor Meglic) is short-sighted.

Scary or Die isn’t scary at all. True to its title, it’s a hazard to your health.

Kudos to Corbin Bleu for stepping out of the Disney zone for a role in this, though.