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Picture This! Has Moved Back!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Well, basically.

Assuming that you’re a new reader, this post has a bit of history that you might be interested in.

Somewhere over 1.5 years ago I announced that Picture This! was “moving” from Blogger to under a new name, (slightly) unkommon. In reality it was less of a move than a new beginning, which was sparked because Picture This! Reviews — a movie review blog — had become a hybrid film/tech blog, and its name no longer fit. I dropped the “Reviews” part from the name, but it still didn’t work in my eyes. was kept around as an archive, and was born. It would stay that way more than 1.5 years, as I explored a flurry of ideas on (slightly) unkommon with a flurry of successes and not-successes.

And so we turn to today.

As of this post, Picture This! on Blogger ceases to exist. Picture This! Reviews is and will remain on for the foreseeable future. It will feature movie reviews/news by me (or a guest occasionally) every Tuesday and Thursday, at least initially while I craft a new schedule.

For the uninitiated: is different than — is a free blogging service which grants limited controls, while gives me complete freedom to do as I wish, although I have to pay for my own server.

Going forward Picture This! Reviews and (slightly) unkommon will be active side-by-side. Instead of having one blog which has multiple directions, I now have two focused (and in some ways, niche) blogs. In addition, I also have Seizure Prone (my webcomic which I’m soon taking off of hiatus), other blogs I’m a contributor to, other work, and school. I’m officially a pretty busy guy.

But I’m confident that this busyness will work out for the best in the end.

As an aside, this transition was painful. You’d think that, in 2013, transitioning from one blogging platform to another and one server to another would be easy. You’ve got a 24 hour wait here, a 48 hour wait there, GoDaddy being irritating, and other issues. I don’t recommend going through this, although if it’s something you’re thinking about, talk to me and I’ll help you navigate.

P.S. You’ll find that probably the first half of my entries here open links in new windows. I don’t do that anymore, no worries.

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