Review: Kim Possible (TV, 2002 – 2007)

Editor’s Note: This review is up a day late. It’s the first review I’ve done in a long time, and the first TV show I’ve ever reviewed. In other words, I don’t know much of what I’m doing! Lateness won’t happen again in the near future. :-)

I’m not one to review (or even watch) TV shows, but Kim Possible has earned a special place in my heart, and it’s my civic duty to tell you about it.

For the uninitiated, Kim Possible is a Disney cartoon that ran from 2002 to 2007, with two movies (A Sitch In Time and So The Drama) mixed in. The show and movies follow Kim Possible (voiced by Christy Romano), her sidekick Ron Stoppable (Will Friedle), and his naked mole rat, Rufus (Nancy Cartwright), as they save the world from an array of villains. Did I mention that they’re in high school? The theme song Call Me, Beep Me by Christina Milian is catchier than it has any right to be, and at 22 years old I love everything about the cartoon.

(For the non-believers, Kim Possible has a supporting voice cast of names which you might recognize, including but not limited to: Patrick Warburton, Gary Cole, and even Patton Oswalt. Believe it or not a bit of care was put into this show’s four-season run.)

Kim Possible is a normal teenage girl — captain of the cheerleading team, mostly straight-A student, awkward around cute boys, etc. — except for the fact that she saves the world regularly. With the unexplained ability to go from high school to anywhere in the world and back in a matter of minutes, she manages her schedule pretty well. Honestly, this show is very feminist and the writers deserve a lot of credit for making the lead character someone who girls should look up to; not just a hero, but a (mostly) straight-A hero.

Ron Stoppable — again, Kim Possible’s sidekick — is my favorite protagonist by far. He’s a socially awkward “loser” who doesn’t let anything deter him. Despite being in his mid-teens, he trick-or-treats without a second thought because it’s fun and he gets free candy. He wins talent shows despite having little-to-no talent other than his confidence. Ron Stoppable is the archetype we should strive to be; honest not just to the people around us but also to ourselves. His naked mole rat is also the coolest pet to ever grace a screen, so there’s that too!

The primary antagonist is Dr. Drakken (John DiMaggio), a mad scientist bent on conquering the world with his glowing green sidekick Shego (Nicole Sullivan). While his schemes don’t always (read: ever) go un-foiled, “Doctor D.” can rock the mic like no other when the situation calls for it. Other as-unsuccessful villains do recur, however, including (but as always, not limited to): a Monkey Kung-Fu master, a billionaire in search of a hobby with his son, and — I’m not making this up — a Scottish golfer who golfs with exploding golf balls.

My favorite villain is that aforementioned Monkey Kung-Fu master, Lord Monty Fiske (Tom Kane), AKA “Monkey Fist”. He’s witty, sarcastic, has a great monkey-esque evil laugh, and is bloody British. Also, I like monkeys and we kind of share a name — “Monty” is my given nickname — so I can relate to the guy on some level. Without any desire for world domination and only out for personal gain Monkey Fist is one of the most level-headed villains in the series. He is also the arch enemy of Ron Stoppable, which makes his presence so much more entertaining.

If you’re one of the people who doesn’t watch kids’ cartoons strictly because society tells you it’s unacceptable, you’re doing humanity a disservice by not being who you are! I don’t follow societal norms and I turned out alright, didn’t I? (Don’t answer that.) Embrace your inner kid and tell the monotone adults to shove off!

If you like fun, witty Disney kids’ cartoons — even if you don’t want to admit it — check out Kim Possible. It’s a fantastic affair and I’m proud that it’s the first thing I feature on this blog’s return.

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All of the Kim Possible episodes and the movies are available on YouTube, although you’ll have to search for the episodes by name since a lot of accounts don’t list the episodes in the right order. I’ve found “Deaconu GG-Marius” to be pretty reliable, but tap or click here for the correct episode listings. Have fun!

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