Picture This! Has Moved!

Well, it’s been fun. There’s been ups, there’s been downs, and there’s been a lot of stuff in-between. But things have changed so much since I first started Picture This!, back when it was Picture This! Reviews. It’s time to move on, away from Blogger and to WordPress. Different name, different URL, different platform.

I hope you like (slightly) unkommon, my new sophomore blog. It’s better in almost every way, and while the template I use is pre-designed, I put a ton of thought into everything about the site, and I think of it as my own. I could describe every change made, but I think I’d rather you stumble upon things yourself by touring the new site.

As for what will happen to PTRevs.net. I understand the importance of archives, and with that in mind, this blog will stick around. I will pay for the URL as long as I am able to, and if there comes a year where I can’t, this blog will continue to live on as www.picturethisreviews.blogspot.com. The entries aren’t going anywhere.

Again, it’s been fun, and this blog has been a good learning experience. But it’s time to move to WordPress.

Thanks for everything and I hope you continue to read my material on (slightly) unkommon! 😀

Again, here’s the link.


By the way, things came up and I couldn’t write that HP7p2 review. In short, it was pretty good, but not great. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend it, however.

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